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Product Name: thermal sensitive leuco dyestuff cas50292-95-0 color former red
CAS No: 50292-95-0
Product Type: Synthesis Material Intermediates
Product spec: Perga Red 16; 3,3''-Bis(1-n-octyl-2-methylindol-3-yl)phthalide
Packing: 25kg per drum
Post Time: 2023-07-07
Usage: x ray film ctp late thermal paper label thermochromic powder , ink , paint . other thermochromic or pressure sentive items or area .
Description: I am erica i do shoes and fabric for years now i work in our local chemical factdory to expand the foreign market . our products is thermochromic lueco dye . Perga Red 16; 3,3''-Bis(1-n-octyl-2-methylindol-3-yl)phthalide leuco dye is the main materials for thermochromic items . such as thermochromic ink , powder , paints and thermal sensitive paper/lable, medical x ray film and CTP PLATE . its aprearance is white crystal, it works with another chemical agent called color developer to make it shoews color or color less by termperatuer. but they need mixed in another agent to strong their sentize of tempratuer . normally when the temperatuer lower unders its standard the colors shows , when the temperatuer goes higher the colors gone. they could used in very wide useage , such as the temperatuere alarm apparatus in industries , thermochromic ink or paint etc. our produts purity could reach more than 99% used in medical area such as the thermochroic film to assure its more clear . our products is 1000TON PER year . JYDR-3 Leuco dye CK-16 50292-95-0 C42H52N2O2 Perga Red 16; 3,3''-Bis(1-n-octyl-2-methylindol-3-yl)phthalide 616.9 99% Red =DISPIMG("ID_56B63121E6FF4252A1E73FAF565C9775",1) White to almost white powder to crystal
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